Monday, September 25, 2006

Bill Clinton goes Bonkers!!!,2933,215445,00.html

Click on the video link in the above article and enjoy.

This folks, is what happens when you fail in 8 years to do anything but expose yourself as a corrupt President who was intent on doing nothing useful for the country. Ah, where would comedy be without Slick Willy?

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

For 4 years, Jim Doyle has sold public policy for campaign donations, had members of his administration go to jail for breaking federal law, been under investigation by the feds for corruption, and illegally influenced the state elections board to rule in a certain way so as to make his campaign easier.

He criticizes Mark Green for taking PAC money while in congress then transferring it to his governor campaign. However, he failed to criticize his opponent, Tom Barrett, in 2002 for doing the exact same thing. It goes beyond a mere double standard for criticism. It was revealed this week that Doyle's lawyer lobbied the Elections board to make the decision (the wrong decision mind you) that Green's actions were illegal. In this lobbying, which took place through e-mail (a PDF of the email), the lawyer commented that it would help the Doyle campaign to make the decision and appeared to speak to the elections board as if they were in on a fix.

But Doyle doesn't stop there, he decides to run TV ads claiming Green is dirty and took illegal money. His special interest groups are also picking up on the theme and trying to smear Green as being a Washington insider who reeks of corruption of Enron, Tom Delay, Haliburton, Big Oil, Big Pharmaceutical, Satan, Hitler, and whatever else they can throw in there. Of course they offer no proof of all of this.

Yet, Green, who has mountains of proof to show Doyle and his cronies are corrupt to the gills, seems content to say nothing about the subject. This is typical of the type of politician Mark Green is. A 'believe in nothing firm', moderate Republican who seems he'll do whatever makes the most people happy whether it's right or wrong. Nonetheless, Jim Doyle has a lot of nerve pointing the finger at Green and calling him corrupt.

I do not support Mark green in this campaign (he is way too soft on abortion and other important subjects) but he at least deserves a fair fight to win the election. Doyle, in typical Democrat style, is far from interested in making the fight fair.

Bottom line, Doyle is corrupt. If you don't believe me, go to and type Jim Doyle into the search engine. Half the stories you'll read will be about something not right in the administration. like this one . . . or this one

You know what they say, when you point the finger, there's three fingers pointing right back at you. Here's hoping Jim Doyle heads to a state prison rather than the Governor's Mansion.

More Evidence that the War in Iraq is a Giant Waste of Time:

This article from the NY Times details the reaction to an intel committee report that claims the war in Iraq has actually caused Terrorism to increase rather than decrease in the time we've been at war with Iraq.

Disclaimer: The article is from the NY Times, and thus is slanted to the left. I tried to find a Fox News report on the report, but they have not published anything I could find. Futhermore, the GOP has not fully responded to the report and most of what you hear comes from the Democrat side or from John McCain. Nonetheless, it is what it is and I think it at least deserves consideration.

Remember the reasons we went into Iraq. They harbored terrorists, they had WMD's, it was important that we establish a "democratic nation" (not a republic) in the Middle East to be the shining beacon of light to all the people there on the hopes that they would choose freedom instead of fascism. If you take these goals at face value, this whole war has been a miserable failure.

It's crystal clear, the war in Iraq is not a part of the "war on terror". On the contrary, it seems to be helping our enemies in the war of terror.

Friday, September 15, 2006

My Letter to Janet Folger

Recently Janet Folger wrote an article on World Net Daily lamenting a court marshall of a Chaplin who dared to pray in the name of Jesus. During 2004, Janet claimed to being doing the very thing I am doing on this blog, which is look at politics from a strictly conservative Christian standpoint. The only problem is that she thought that "conservative Christian" meant "Republican and Republican only". I knew better, and stopped listening.

Below is my letter to her concerning her article. In her article you can read about the awful story of the navy Chaplin who dared pray in the name of Jesus and read from the Bible. May God richly bless him for his courage. My prayers are with him.

Dear Janet,

In a recent World Net Daily article detailing your feelings about the outrageous court marshal of a Navy Chaplin , you asked the following question:

"And where is our beloved commander in chief? The man I worked to elect, who personally told me that the "most important thing" I could do for him was to pray? Cannot our military have that same "most important" right?"

Janet, I'd like to welcome you to reality. You, along with many others are starting to slowly realize that George Bush may talk big about being a Christian, but he certainly doesn't live up to his own hype.

Just where was he for this Chaplin? A man he commands, fighting in a war he is in charge of executing. A man whose rights he is charged with protecting and defending. George Bush is absent.

Where was he for Terri Schiavo? A woman brutally starved to death by men with suspicious motives. A woman who is entitled to due process which Bush is in charge of executing. George Bush was absent.

Where was he for Roy Moore? A man stripped of his right to acknowledge God. A man Bush could have defended. Where was he when he appointed Moore's prosecutor with a federal bench? George Bush was not absent, worse yet, he was complacent.

Most importantly, where is George Bush for the pre-born baby? Instead of defending and protecting them as is his most important duty, he makes excuses, signs overly hyped laws that accomplish nothing, and withdraws from the issue with a nonchalant statement that "America isn't ready to end abortion". I'm ready. The 4,000 that died today are ready. Are you ready? George Bush isn't ready.

George Bush is conspicuous by his absence on these most important issues, and through his apathy, stands guilty of not living up to the Godly standard of a Christian. He is guilty, the Republican controlled congress is guilty, the republican majority appointed Supreme court is guilty. The Republican party is guilty, and you, yes you Janet, are guilty as long as you continue to support Godless leadership.

I hope that you will remember that our first duty is to Christ and Christ alone, not to political party. I will indeed pray for you.


Jason Marianna

The Word "Civilian" Officially Means Nothing

United States Airforce Secretary Michael Wynne publicly said that it would be a good idea to try non-lethal weapons on American citizens before taking them to the battlefield. Ideas for use on American's included crowd control and law enforcement. LINK (toward the bottom of the article)

The reason? Well, Mr Wynne thinks it would less our fallout from the international community, namely the international press, when the enemy we used these weapons laments about his injuries. His logic is that if the world, namely the international press, sees that we have no problem using these weapons on our own population, then they will conclude they must be safe.

Wow. Well Mr. Wynne, never mind the fact that these are military style weapons being used on a civilian population . . . just as long as no one says bad things about us. Of course, the most important part is that the international press loves you and thinks you're a swell guy!

I hope you enjoy the cocktail parties you'll most certainly get invited to, you slimeball.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sean Hannity and America's Holocaust

Sean Hannity, by far the loudest loud mouth of the Republican establishment media, has been counting down the days to election day on his radio program all summer long. Hannity has been in campaign mode for quite some time now and has gotten to the point lately, that most politicians won't reach until two or three weeks before election day. That point is when they say the same things over and over and over again because they just want you to remember a few catch phrases about them in a few days when you fill out your ballot.

Hannity's catch phrase has been something to the effect of: "I believe the war on terror is the most important, most transformative, most pressing issue of our time and generation."

He has got to be kidding.

On an average day in America; 4,000 people are put to death, without trial or due process, in a most gruesome and barbaric way, simply because their existence was too inconvenient for the rest of us. While this is happening in every state across our nation, millions of Americans take little notice as they go about their daily lives, caring less and less as time goes on. The media doesn't report on it. The politicians don't talk about it. Thousands cheer each time it happens. The victims are literally helpless children, completely unable to defend themselves, and scant few have even raised their voices to do so.

And Hannity thinks that the war on terror is more important?

My grandfather fought a war against people that did these exact same things to other human beings. Back then, Americans had enough backbone, and enough good sense, to outlaw these actions and condemn others (like Hitler) who advocated them. Now we ourselves are guilty of our own holocaust, and so far it has killed 45 million. . . and counting. Yes, make no mistake my friends, there is no other way to define Abortion in America, other than to call it a holocaust.

No Mr. Hannity, the war on terror is not the most important issue of our day. Not while thousands are killed in our midst. It is not the most transformative issue of our day, not while this holocaust transforms our once great Republic into the envy of Nazi Germany. The war on terror is far from the most pressing issue of our day, at least not to the pre-born sentenced to die.

No Mr. Hannity, the real terrorism goes on in the surgical room at planned parenthood and other murder mills.. The real terrorists, the "doctors" that perform this butchery.

Most of all, the real problem is you and Americans like you that talk about national security, but deny it, even through complacency, to those who so desperately need it the most.

Friday, September 08, 2006

The Jig is Up!

Yes my friends, the jig is officially up! The Republican controlled senate, released a intelligence committee report (also controlled by the GOP) that concludes that there is NO evidence of any link between Saddam Hussein (and his government) and Al-Qaeda.

Lets review, shall we? Shortly after 9/11, we heard hints about the involvement of Iraq in the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. The story quickly developed into the claim, by the Bush administration, that Iraqi intelligence played a large part in Bin Laden's plan. It was an important piece in the justification to go to war with Iraq.

Now we are left with a report that there was no link between Iraq and Al-Qaeda. The report mentions that, if anything, Hussein and his government were scared of Al-Qaeda, and purposely kept there distance. This begs the question: WHY IN THE WORLD DID WE GO TO WAR WITH IRAQ?

Of course, the Republican Establishment media, Rush Limbaugh and his wanna-bes, have spent their day spinning this and have decided to respond to this news by saying, and I quote, "so what?"
So what??!! So if there was no link, then we were lied to about Iraqi Intel helping Bin Laden.
So what??!! So if there was no link, then this isn't a part of the war on terror.

This is the final nail in the coffin of Bushes failed foreign policy. While he's busy attacking a sovereign nation for no benefit in the war on terror:
  • Bin Laden still runs loose
  • North Korea launches missiles at Hawaii
  • Iran thumbs their nose at us
Meanwhile, the credibility of this country, and the presidency is in the toilet.

2500 dead. Thousands more wounded. Almost a million soldiers committed. Billions of tax dollars spent.

All for a war that we now know means NOTHING. Nothing.

It is time to bring the troops home, thank them for their service. Honor the dead. Heal the wounded, and hold their leaders accountable once and for all.

It's time for conservatives to be . . . conservative.