Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Patrick J. Buchanan on Ron Paul

Here is a great article by Pat Buchanan on Ron Paul, and specifically on Ron Paul's comments at the last debate. I find interesting the Republicans who seem to be opposing Paul. Take Sean Hannity for instance. This insufferable moron couldn't wait to sink his teeth into Dr. Paul after the debate and give Dr. Paul a stern talking too about national security, supporting our president, blah blah blah. He was joined by liberal Michael Steele (yes, he's a liberal, even though the GOP ran him for Senate) who said that Paul should be barred from all future debates. (Aren't liberals the ones who are supposedly pro-first amendment? Isn't the GOP supposed to actually be pro-first amendment?)

Here is a great point from the article:

When Ron Paul said the 9-11 killers were "over here because we are over there," he was not excusing the mass murderers of 3,000 Americans. He was explaining the roots of hatred out of which the suicide-killers came.

That more or less explains Paul's position. It wasn't that hard to understand to begin with, but you see, the GOP has agenda which their R.E.M (Republican Establishment Media) lackeys, and the mainstream media share. That agenda? Shut Ron Paul up before he wakes up too much of America.

You don't believe me or know what I'm talking about? This video will clear it up for you:

So yeah, go read the article. It's time someone acted the part of truth teller and fact finder about Dr. Paul's remarks, not to mention actually analyzed the comments from a logical standpoint, considering evidence objectively. Unfortunately, all we're gonna get from the Republican Establishment Media (i.e. Hannity, O'Riley, et. al.) is spin. So sad when "conservatives" act like socialists.

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