Monday, September 25, 2006

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

For 4 years, Jim Doyle has sold public policy for campaign donations, had members of his administration go to jail for breaking federal law, been under investigation by the feds for corruption, and illegally influenced the state elections board to rule in a certain way so as to make his campaign easier.

He criticizes Mark Green for taking PAC money while in congress then transferring it to his governor campaign. However, he failed to criticize his opponent, Tom Barrett, in 2002 for doing the exact same thing. It goes beyond a mere double standard for criticism. It was revealed this week that Doyle's lawyer lobbied the Elections board to make the decision (the wrong decision mind you) that Green's actions were illegal. In this lobbying, which took place through e-mail (a PDF of the email), the lawyer commented that it would help the Doyle campaign to make the decision and appeared to speak to the elections board as if they were in on a fix.

But Doyle doesn't stop there, he decides to run TV ads claiming Green is dirty and took illegal money. His special interest groups are also picking up on the theme and trying to smear Green as being a Washington insider who reeks of corruption of Enron, Tom Delay, Haliburton, Big Oil, Big Pharmaceutical, Satan, Hitler, and whatever else they can throw in there. Of course they offer no proof of all of this.

Yet, Green, who has mountains of proof to show Doyle and his cronies are corrupt to the gills, seems content to say nothing about the subject. This is typical of the type of politician Mark Green is. A 'believe in nothing firm', moderate Republican who seems he'll do whatever makes the most people happy whether it's right or wrong. Nonetheless, Jim Doyle has a lot of nerve pointing the finger at Green and calling him corrupt.

I do not support Mark green in this campaign (he is way too soft on abortion and other important subjects) but he at least deserves a fair fight to win the election. Doyle, in typical Democrat style, is far from interested in making the fight fair.

Bottom line, Doyle is corrupt. If you don't believe me, go to and type Jim Doyle into the search engine. Half the stories you'll read will be about something not right in the administration. like this one . . . or this one

You know what they say, when you point the finger, there's three fingers pointing right back at you. Here's hoping Jim Doyle heads to a state prison rather than the Governor's Mansion.


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