Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sean Hannity and America's Holocaust

Sean Hannity, by far the loudest loud mouth of the Republican establishment media, has been counting down the days to election day on his radio program all summer long. Hannity has been in campaign mode for quite some time now and has gotten to the point lately, that most politicians won't reach until two or three weeks before election day. That point is when they say the same things over and over and over again because they just want you to remember a few catch phrases about them in a few days when you fill out your ballot.

Hannity's catch phrase has been something to the effect of: "I believe the war on terror is the most important, most transformative, most pressing issue of our time and generation."

He has got to be kidding.

On an average day in America; 4,000 people are put to death, without trial or due process, in a most gruesome and barbaric way, simply because their existence was too inconvenient for the rest of us. While this is happening in every state across our nation, millions of Americans take little notice as they go about their daily lives, caring less and less as time goes on. The media doesn't report on it. The politicians don't talk about it. Thousands cheer each time it happens. The victims are literally helpless children, completely unable to defend themselves, and scant few have even raised their voices to do so.

And Hannity thinks that the war on terror is more important?

My grandfather fought a war against people that did these exact same things to other human beings. Back then, Americans had enough backbone, and enough good sense, to outlaw these actions and condemn others (like Hitler) who advocated them. Now we ourselves are guilty of our own holocaust, and so far it has killed 45 million. . . and counting. Yes, make no mistake my friends, there is no other way to define Abortion in America, other than to call it a holocaust.

No Mr. Hannity, the war on terror is not the most important issue of our day. Not while thousands are killed in our midst. It is not the most transformative issue of our day, not while this holocaust transforms our once great Republic into the envy of Nazi Germany. The war on terror is far from the most pressing issue of our day, at least not to the pre-born sentenced to die.

No Mr. Hannity, the real terrorism goes on in the surgical room at planned parenthood and other murder mills.. The real terrorists, the "doctors" that perform this butchery.

Most of all, the real problem is you and Americans like you that talk about national security, but deny it, even through complacency, to those who so desperately need it the most.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen! Thank you for pointing out Hannity's hypocrisy.

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