Friday, September 15, 2006

The Word "Civilian" Officially Means Nothing

United States Airforce Secretary Michael Wynne publicly said that it would be a good idea to try non-lethal weapons on American citizens before taking them to the battlefield. Ideas for use on American's included crowd control and law enforcement. LINK (toward the bottom of the article)

The reason? Well, Mr Wynne thinks it would less our fallout from the international community, namely the international press, when the enemy we used these weapons laments about his injuries. His logic is that if the world, namely the international press, sees that we have no problem using these weapons on our own population, then they will conclude they must be safe.

Wow. Well Mr. Wynne, never mind the fact that these are military style weapons being used on a civilian population . . . just as long as no one says bad things about us. Of course, the most important part is that the international press loves you and thinks you're a swell guy!

I hope you enjoy the cocktail parties you'll most certainly get invited to, you slimeball.


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