Friday, September 15, 2006

My Letter to Janet Folger

Recently Janet Folger wrote an article on World Net Daily lamenting a court marshall of a Chaplin who dared to pray in the name of Jesus. During 2004, Janet claimed to being doing the very thing I am doing on this blog, which is look at politics from a strictly conservative Christian standpoint. The only problem is that she thought that "conservative Christian" meant "Republican and Republican only". I knew better, and stopped listening.

Below is my letter to her concerning her article. In her article you can read about the awful story of the navy Chaplin who dared pray in the name of Jesus and read from the Bible. May God richly bless him for his courage. My prayers are with him.

Dear Janet,

In a recent World Net Daily article detailing your feelings about the outrageous court marshal of a Navy Chaplin , you asked the following question:

"And where is our beloved commander in chief? The man I worked to elect, who personally told me that the "most important thing" I could do for him was to pray? Cannot our military have that same "most important" right?"

Janet, I'd like to welcome you to reality. You, along with many others are starting to slowly realize that George Bush may talk big about being a Christian, but he certainly doesn't live up to his own hype.

Just where was he for this Chaplin? A man he commands, fighting in a war he is in charge of executing. A man whose rights he is charged with protecting and defending. George Bush is absent.

Where was he for Terri Schiavo? A woman brutally starved to death by men with suspicious motives. A woman who is entitled to due process which Bush is in charge of executing. George Bush was absent.

Where was he for Roy Moore? A man stripped of his right to acknowledge God. A man Bush could have defended. Where was he when he appointed Moore's prosecutor with a federal bench? George Bush was not absent, worse yet, he was complacent.

Most importantly, where is George Bush for the pre-born baby? Instead of defending and protecting them as is his most important duty, he makes excuses, signs overly hyped laws that accomplish nothing, and withdraws from the issue with a nonchalant statement that "America isn't ready to end abortion". I'm ready. The 4,000 that died today are ready. Are you ready? George Bush isn't ready.

George Bush is conspicuous by his absence on these most important issues, and through his apathy, stands guilty of not living up to the Godly standard of a Christian. He is guilty, the Republican controlled congress is guilty, the republican majority appointed Supreme court is guilty. The Republican party is guilty, and you, yes you Janet, are guilty as long as you continue to support Godless leadership.

I hope that you will remember that our first duty is to Christ and Christ alone, not to political party. I will indeed pray for you.


Jason Marianna


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praise the LORD for opening eyes... It is shameful for GW Bush to not step in and use his authority to stop the court marshal of the chaplain for praying in Jesus Name. I pray he repents before it is too late! This is horrible... If it were a Muslim, would GW keep silent? I don't think so.

10:42 PM  

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