Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Good Man Needs Your Help

I beginning to think that I wasn't going to be able to vote for President in 2008. I mean honestly, John McCain, Mit Romney. . . really?

Then there's Rudi Giuliani, who I think would be a great defense secretary, maybe a good secretary of state, but as far as the presidency goes, let's face facts, the guy's not a conservative. Sam Brownback is, but it seems he is content to be the President of Mexico north, not to mention, could you honestly see Brownback at the same table as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad??

But never fear my pro-life, pro-liberty, strict constitutional, limited government friends. . . one of US is running for President. That man is none other than Texas Congressman Ron Paul. ( Ron Paul's Wiki Ron Paul's MySpace Ron Paul's Campaign Site )

This is the same guy who never takes junkets, never has voted to raise taxes, never has voted to expand government beyond it's constitutional boundaries. We need about 300 more congressman in Washington just like Paul. If we did, perhaps we wouldn't be paying for illegal immigrants to sue the government in court and be giving Planned Parenthood millions to pay for more abortions.

OK, so now you know. . . which means that the responsibility is yours. Tell some folks you know why Paul is the best option, go to his campaign site and sign up to help him. Give him some money (I did) to help get the message out. Just do something! Guys like this don't come by every election, especially in one of the major parties, and this guy is worth it. . .trust me.

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