Monday, September 25, 2006

More Evidence that the War in Iraq is a Giant Waste of Time:

This article from the NY Times details the reaction to an intel committee report that claims the war in Iraq has actually caused Terrorism to increase rather than decrease in the time we've been at war with Iraq.

Disclaimer: The article is from the NY Times, and thus is slanted to the left. I tried to find a Fox News report on the report, but they have not published anything I could find. Futhermore, the GOP has not fully responded to the report and most of what you hear comes from the Democrat side or from John McCain. Nonetheless, it is what it is and I think it at least deserves consideration.

Remember the reasons we went into Iraq. They harbored terrorists, they had WMD's, it was important that we establish a "democratic nation" (not a republic) in the Middle East to be the shining beacon of light to all the people there on the hopes that they would choose freedom instead of fascism. If you take these goals at face value, this whole war has been a miserable failure.

It's crystal clear, the war in Iraq is not a part of the "war on terror". On the contrary, it seems to be helping our enemies in the war of terror.


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