Friday, February 16, 2007

Jim Doyle must go

Someone has got to say it, so it might as well be me. I am officially calling out both the Republicans in the State Assembly of Wisconsin and Citizens for Responsible government (the activist group, not just citizens in general).

For the Assembly, it is time to impeach Jim Doyle. Amongst the articles of impeachment we can include the blatant attacks using state organizations against Doyle opponent Mark Green. Attacks such as the coordinated assault on Green's campaign money. The articles can also include extremely shady dealings with State Contracts, one of which Doyle is still under Federal investigation for, and for which a member of his staff has gone to prison. Then there's the obvious political kick backs to his campaign supporters, namely the Indian Casino's.

However, there are two actions Jim Doyle came out with this week in his bi-annual budget that absolutely seal the deal for impeachment. They seal the deal because they are about as illegal as can be. Of course with Jim Doyle, these actions are taxes, specifically the new tax on Oil Companies, and a tax on Internet purchases. Although it is not illegal to tax a specific industry, like Oil, Doyle has proposed crossing two legal lines. 1) The oil companies are not based in Wisconsin, and this tax is on general profits, not simply sales in Wisconsin. This essentially amounts to taxation without representation, as well as taxation of one state on funds belonging to a private company in another state. 2) Doyle has demanded that the oil companies not pass along the tax to consumers, and has proposed a gestapo like tactic of forcing the oil companies to submit to inspections of their books in order to stop the tax from being passed along. This is a clear violation of the fourth amendment.

As for the tax on Internet purchases: It has been held to legal reasoning that sales between two parties in different states cannot be taxed except perhaps by the federal government, because there is no clear standard as to who is liable for paying the tax (the seller or the buyer). The federal courts have upheld in many cases that it is a violation of Federal law to tax interstate purchases.

But Jim Doyle doesn't care, and frankly, I don't think enough Republicans do either. Which is why Jim Doyle will not only not be impeached, but he is bound to get at least half of the new 1.75 billion (and growing) NEW (as opposed to TOTAL) tax burden he wants to put on Wisconsin. So tell me, why are their two parties again? Not a dimes worth of difference I tell you, not a dime!

So then there's the Citizens for Responsible Government. Now, I have to give these folks credit, they have successfully recalled a number of corrupt Wisconsin Politicians. Lately they've gone after city councilmen and mayors of small towns. There's bigger fish to fry, guys.

The great thing about recall efforts, as opposed to impeachment, is that you can recall anyone for anything, depending of course on getting enough people to sign the recall petition. We'll see what happens, but considering that Doyle has just sent the most over-bloated state budget in the history of the state, and it includes a huge new tax burden on an already over taxed state, I think the time has come to get rid of Jim Doyle.

Citizens for Responsible Government. . . if you're reading this, sign me up to circulate petitions.


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