Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Prediction Accountability

Ok, so here's my report card:

Result predictions:

Rick Santorum Loses: Correct!
Senate, GOP retains control: Wrong!
Congress, GOP retains control: Wrong!
Mark Foley's seat remains GOP: Wrong!
Tom Delay's seat remains GOP: Wrong!
WI Governor: Wrong!
WI Attorney General: Correct!
WI Marriage Amendment: Correct!
WI 5th Senate: Correct!

That makes me 4-5.

Now for the margin predictions for the results predictions I got right:
WI Attorney General "Van Hollen gains 60% or more": Wrong!
Marriage Amendment "55% or more": Correct!

That makes me 1 - 1.

Over all I'm 5-6, not too bad, but not great either.


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