Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Evil at work, literally

Just go read this article. It is absolutely disgusting.

OK, did you read it? Great. Now I want you to go print it out and carry it with you everywhere you go. Why? Because the next time you hear someone extol the virtues of Free Market Economics**, I want you to pull out this article and read it to them like you were reading the riot act. This my friends, is what free market economy policies will bring you. Jesus said that you can judge a tree from it's fruit, and this is some bad fruit.

Some interesting notes about the article:

"Schmidt acknowledged that the stewardry program was similar in many ways to slavery, but explained that just as "compassionate conservatism" has polished the rough edges on labor relations in industrialized countries, full stewardry, or "compassionate slavery," could be a similar boon to developing ones."

Compassionate slavery!!??!?

"One conference attendee asked what incentive employers had to remain as stewards once their employees are too old to work or reproduce. Schmidt responded that a large new biotech market would answer that worry.


"Throughout the comments by Schmidt and his three co-panelists, which lasted 75 minutes, Schmidt's stewardee . . . remained standing at respectful attention off to the side."

The guy brought a slave with him!!?? GOOD GRIEF!

**Not that I don't think people shouldn't be free to trade and buy as they see fit. My problems with the free-market theory is that under the theory, everything, and I do mean everything, is reduced to a commodity. There are just somethings that aren't commodities, including people. Markets should be free, but let's not make everything a market as the WTO seems to advocate.


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