Sunday, February 18, 2007

Time to call your representatives!

If I may, I'd like to encourage you all to contact your Sate Senator, State Assemblyman, and Congressman today.

Let me tell you why. . .

In Wisconsin:

Currently sit at #6 in the nation for taxation. That means that only 5 other states have a higher tax burden than us. Scary, huh? Well our ever brainless Governor has decided that it would be wise to INCREASE the tax burden by 1.75 BILLION (yes BBBBBillion, with a "B") dollars. The democrat state senate will probably give him everything he wants, so our only hope, right now, is the republican controlled assembly. Currently the GOP has a three seat majority in the assembly. If history be our guide, we know that we have much to fear when our only hope of stopping bad policy lies at the feet of Republicans. They will only respond the right way if enough of us raise a stink about our idiot Governor's plans to tax every last one of us to death.

Also, keep in mind that the 1.75 Billion dollar increase does not yet include the 17% payroll tax that has been hinted at, and is rumored to be unveiled soon, to pay for Government Health Care. Trust me my friends, this policy will be a disaster. I can tell you that as a small business owner, I already pay WAY too many taxes. (We are the second most taxed group of Americans, by the way, a distant second behind the wealthy) A 17% tax would likely drive me, and other small business men out of business, and all for a worthless Government health care plan. It might be wise to mention this in your phone call.

OK, now for your US Congressman:

This week the US House passed a resolution that expressed disapproval of President Bush's troop surge plan for the war in Iraq.

OK, now before you get the wrong idea, please read some of my other blog entries. I am not for the war in Iraq, not for a second. It is a complete waste of time, and a complete misuse of military power.

Nonetheless, we are in the situation that we are in, and I think for our country to salvage any honor whatsoever, we must clean up the complete mess we've made. We can't pull out of the country leaving behind another Vietnam-like situation, that would just be a disaster. We must learn from our history that when we are involved in an undeclared, unjust, war, we have to make all efforts to leave the area with some sort of resolution. Otherwise, men like Pol Pot have their way, and our military is severely hampered (by lack of public trust) in the process. (See Carter, Jimmy & Hostage Crisis, Iran)

This is why I believe that despite my complete lack of confidence in him, Bush must be allowed to try and finish the mess he's made. But, even if I'm wrong about that, the US congress still has no business whatsoever in telling American Servicemen (and women, unfortunately) that they aren't really sure if they are willing to give them the supplies and reinforcements they need and deserve. If the House wants to rebuke Bush, they should impeach him, or censor him, or do what they actually have Constitutional authority to do, defund the entire war.

But no, these gutless resolutions and half hearted statements are just a political game to the Democrats to hand Hillary and Barrack the white house in '08. Our troops deserve better than to be political pawns in their game. What Congress has done here is down right stupid, and frankly appalling. They need to be rebuked. Please call them, and, if you aren't in support of the war, that's even better, tell them that.

I think we can all agree that our misused troops are under enough stress and trials already (such is life in war, especially in unjust, undeclared war). They don't need Congress to treat them the same way the idiotic left treated the Vietnam vets when they came home.

To find out who your Congressman, Senators and Assemblymen are, click here.


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