Thursday, May 22, 2008

John McCain and Rod Parsley

From ABC News

Now, put the comments about Islam aside in the article. I'm not going to criticize or endorse them.

I have been to Rod Parsley's church. The man is a quack. It's your prototypical mega church with a hyper pentecostal flair. They spend like 2 hours singing 7 songs 11 times and flopping on the floor barking like dogs and "prophesying". Then Parsley gets up on the stage (note I didn't say pulpit) and yells for about an hour saying nothing of substance and hardly ever mentioning the Bible, much less quoting from it.

In fact, the one Sunday I was there, Parsley actually did open his Bible. He said he wanted God's Word to be relevant in people's lives. So we opened up to a Psalm, I believe, and he read some verses aloud. About halfway through he went back and reread some of what he had already read, only this time, he would stop at certain words and say "STOP! Now scratch that word out, and write in. . ." and then he would state a word to write in. And before you knew it, he had a lovely little man made scripture that fit his world view and what he wanted it to say perfectly. His entire church was in the throngs of ecstasy afterward singing praises to God for such an awesome sermon. No, I'm not kidding.

The sad part is that this guy has a "seminary" attached to his church business where he trains students to go and do what he does. These students often are forced to "volunteer" to work for the ministry, college, and church. I used to get calls from many a student soliciting money for this bogus mission trip, or that bogus Bible conference.

Now John McCain thinks that Rod Parsley is a "great spiritual leader." He thinks that he's a good man. We're being told by the GOP to trust John McCain, that he'll appoint conservative judges, work to fulfill our hopes, dreams, and aspirations. What a crock.

I'm so sick of this nonsense.


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