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So called Christians endorsing so called conservatives

I suppose I shouldn't be shocked, but I must admit that when I heard that Pat Robertson endorsed Rudy yesterday, I was rather shocked. The truth is that I should have expected this. I came to the conclusion that Robertson, Dobson, et. al. are merely control mechanisms to keep the "christians" in this country in line and make sure they remain Republican voters.

In his book, The Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis remarked that a method of control used by Satan against Christians, was to get the Christian to think on earthly matters, rather than on heavenly matters. To look at the problems of the world and to think that it might be fun to solve them, or it would be better to solve them, or it is a more positive outcome to solve them rather than leave them alone. Of course, what this does is appeal to the Christian's laziness. He will attempt to solve the problem in the most efficient way possible, without regard to obedience to a moral code or any other restriction. What this does, essentially is force the Christian to think about the tree rather than the forest, and to put man first instead of God.

I think this is a great picture of what is happening in America today, and has been happening in this country since these hucksters began their work of evil. You see, Christians think we have a problem and her name is Hillary. So instead of looking to God for HIS answer to solve the problem, we look to the republican party. Instead of focusing on getting the right thing done, we're getting the practical thing done. As a result instead of God being sovereign in all of our lives, He is only sovereign when it is practical for Him to be sovereign.

Mark Belling had some interesting thoughts on his radio show yesterday. Basically he said that this endorsement demonstrates two points. 1. That at least half of evangelical christians don't care about abortion as much as they used too, either because it's not important, or they don't believe that the President can do anything about it. 2. Some evangelicals think that Islamic radicalism and defending Israel is a bigger problem than abortion. Let me respond to Mark's points.

1. I am shocked and amazed that any evangelical in this country actually thought abortion was a problem. With the consistent endorsement of the do nothing GOP and the lack of any action or compassion for their pre-born neighbor, I was convinced that only a select few really cared about the issue. Oh sure, it always gets thrown around in debates and in politics, but no one actually wants to DO anything. The pre-born in this country have been reduced to political footballs and it is sickening.

2. I'm sure Mark is absolutely right that many evangelicals find Israel and the Islamic bogeyman to be bigger problems that the slaughtering of innocent children in our own cities. Is it really a surprise that evangelicals would put another country ahead of their own because they think they are responsible to see that Biblical prophecy comes true? (The idea is that we have to protect Israel so that it's here when the Anti-Christ comes so that Biblical prophecy comes true. Really, I'm not kidding. Go to some God-forsaken evangelical church, they'll tell you) Does it really surprise you that evangelicals as a whole have such a low view of God and such a low view of Scripture that they actually think they have to protect it here on earth. Isn't interesting that this little viewpoint of theirs tells us about the inner workings of their hearts? Truly sad.

And of course they fear the Islamic bogeyman more than they hate abortion. They don't hate abortion at all. Some of them have baby bones in their closets, some of them are secretly thankful it exists (I mean what if the wife gets pregnant when I'm 43??!! We can't have a THIRD KID, why that would be disaster!!), some of them can't tell you why they think it's wrong (because they don't think it's wrong) The pre-born baby is out of sight, and therefore not important. The Islamic bogeyman, well now he's coming right now to blow up my city with a suitcase bomb, or so I'm told by the propagandists I trust more than scripture.

The fact of the matter is that real Christians in this country are few and far between. Pat Robertson endorses a pro-abort liberal, Bob Jones endorses a god hating moron (err, I mean mormon), Sam Brownback endorses that snake oil salesman, McCain. And little by little the Christians in this country are neutralized and the establishment doesn't have to deal with them.

One last point, pray for God's mercy. The church in this country is nothing but a whore. They sell their birthrights for soup, they give up their rightful place as standard bearers to be made to feel powerful by weak men. They remind me so much of the old testament nation of Israel that chased every false god, every sin imaginable, all to obtain, temporarily, a cheap knock off of what God offered them permanently. God's justice did not sleep on that nation forever, and it will not sleep on ours forever either. What this country needs is it's own prophet Jeremiah. May God send him soon.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent! This female republican christian conservative believes that you are "Spot On" with your assessment of these so called evangelical christians. Thanks for the article as I too will be placing the right and correct vote for Ron Paul of Tx. WWJD? Vote Ron Paul that's what He'd do if He were living among us as a man today. He wouldn't vote for someone such as Romney who only thinks that Jesus was a mere prophet and who worships a god other than the God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob. Jesus most assuredly wouldn't vote for a Pro-Abortionist advocate like Rudy or Hillary. Ron Paul is the candidate to vote for in 2008! Do the right thing christians.

8:18 AM  
Anonymous William the Sinner said...

"The church in this country is nothing but a whore."

You nailed it hombre. Money changers, pimps and the gullible fill our churches. Few even share their faith anymore.

11:40 AM  
Blogger youtuberage said...

Wow! I consider myself a hard-line conservative politically affiliated with the Republican Party and I find your post patently offensive as a Christian. First of all, I would like to see your Doctorate of Theology and/or Master of Divinity credentials before you redefine what it is to be a Christian in the political world. Second, only the suburban naïve-ites would do as Robertson or Dodson does. Lastly, I'm kinda interested in who has your endorsement for the 2008 Presidency. Wanna know a little more about me, go ahead and click on over to my blog here at blogspot.

5:15 PM  
Blogger Jason Marianna said...


It has been a while since I blogged, considering I moved across country recently. I'm not sure when you posted, so if it was a while ago, my apologies for not responding sooner.

Let me address your points:

1. I'll show you my doctorate of theology and divinity when you show me Charles Spurgeon's or C.S. Lewis's. Enough said. I have studied scriptures using proper hermanutical principles, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I admit there are people more educated than I and others more eloquent than I. But knowledge is knowledge. You don't need degrees to read God's word for what it plainly says. For the record, I am working on a degree in Philosophy.

2. You say I redefine what is to be a Christian in the Political world. I ask you, if I am redefining it, how was it defined to begin with? Largely, I believe, Christians stop caring about being Christians when it comes to politics, and that was the point of my post. When Robertson endorses Rudy, and Jones endorses Romney, I think that pretty much tells us all we need to know about how much they care about God and His standards. Please, enlighten me.

3. Ron Paul has my endorsement this year for President. It was true honor to vote for a Patriot when I lived in Wisconsin.

Please, I'm interested in this conversation. I'd love to hear back from you.

12:09 PM  

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