Monday, April 23, 2007

Evangelicals and Ron Paul

Just ask yourself, if you're an evangelical Christian, why oh why are you not supporting Ron Paul? Just ask the question, and give yourself an honest answer.

This article by former vice-presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin, is a great expose on the way many Evangelical's think about politics.

Ron Paul supports every single agenda that should be on every Evangelical's mind, yet many are actually flirting with supporting Romney or McCain?? Why? Is it because the Evangelical "leadership" says we should?

Don't we owe our King and Creator more than to be told by others what to think? Isn't it time to think for ourselves, using Scripture, not so called "leaders", as our guide? Aren't these good questions?

Go read the article. Think about it.



Anonymous chris said...

Well, the reason is that despite the strength of their faith, most Evangelicals are not very free thinking and just do what their pastor tells them. And many of the top Evangelical leaders are in cahoots with the very unchristian leaders of the Republican party, who do not think twice about lying and killing in order to stay rich. So thy guide their flock to vote for the oil-thristy warmonger instead of the man who shares their supposed values.

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