Monday, October 29, 2007

My letter to congress

I wrote the following letter to Congresswoman Gwen Moore, Senators Feingold and Kohl, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senator Harry Reid. I would like to encourage you to write a similar letter about Ron Paul's H.R. 3835. The bottom line is that President Bush has zero respect for the Constitution, and it is time for the voice of the people (yeah, right) the congress to check and balance him.

Here's the letter:

I am writing in regards to H.R. 3835, also known as the American Freedom Agenda Act, that has recently been introduced by Representative Ron Paul of Texas. As a Republican constituent who supports Ron Paul for President, I am deeply concerned about the direction our nation is heading and am writing you to ask that you make sure H.R. 3835 reaches the house floor for a vote and that you vote to make this legislation law.

The American Freedom Agenda Act will overturn the Military Commissions Act of 2006, limit our current out of control Executive branch, and restore basic civil and human rights to Americans. Also, the legislative branch, the voice of the people, would have a legal standing against executive signing statements that are used too often to destroy our constitution and our way of life. Most importantly, our country would be out of the business of torture.

As a conservative, I have watched with dismay as the so called “conservative party” in this country has clearly lost it's way. I was impressed by the Democratic Party's criticisms of the Bush administration and it's constitutionally questionable policies like The Patriot Acts, warrantless wiretapping, and the Military Commissions Act. However, the time has come for the Democratic delegation in The House and The Senate to live up to it's campaign rhetoric and truly check and balance the executive branch, before it is too late.

Please support Ron Paul's American Freedom Agenda Act (H.R. 3835) through all means at your disposal.



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